Contemporary man in modern literature


The role of the Arab Thought


Historical Figures – Abbas Ibn al-Ahnaf


Islamic material and dimensions


Literary schools


Summaries of the most famous plays 4


Fulfillment of the Nile


Memories in the acting 2


Summaries of the most famous plays


Memories in the acting


First daily newspaper in Europe


On to the Moon!

Appear in their lives and honor after death


Cities in the future

Abd al-Latif al-Baghdadi in Egypt

Harun al-Rashid and Jafar al-Barmaki – The Tragedy in the eyes of European Scholars

Old and new locomotives

History of translations of the Arabs


System of Education in Nazi Germany


Freedom or oppression and restriction


Measuring efficiency in the teaching profession


Popular Schools


Italian poet Petrarch

Authoring language slang