Relationship between Maya Civilization , Ancient Americans and Ancient Egyptians

Egyptian national movement before Year 1919


Photos- Sheikh Muhammad Abduh- 1931

Sheikh Muhammad Abduh’s notes for Arab revolution


Fulfillment of the Nile


Photos- King Farouq

King’s Week

Mysticism and mystics in Egypt


English bombs hit Alexandria -1931


Western Girl dances like Egyptians


Photos- Alexandria – Egypt- 1931

Photos- King Fuad – Egypt

Photos – Egypt’s Royal Family- 1929

Advertisements- Egypt- 1924


Pharaonic Egypt in the twentieth century


Safiya Zahlul “Mother of the Egyptians”


Pictures of Egypt from the brush of French Artists


National dresses of Egypt 70 years ago


Abd al-Latif al-Baghdadi in Egypt

How the Crown Prince of Egypt is raised?


House foster care to protect the children of the poor


Egyptian Agricultural union- 1939

His Highness the King of Egypt on World tour

King Farouk’s Yatch