Engagement Of Umm Kalsoom

Western Girl dances like Egyptians


Egyptian film ” Bint e Neel”

Press Office in Italy on the occasion of organization of management publications in Egypt

Pictures of Egypt from the brush of French Artists


Photos – Egypt

Photos- Egyptian Singer

Cinema in Egypt

Tawfiq al-Hakim

The complex story of the linguistic – Taha Hussein – 1935


Egypt’s old Newspapers & Magazines


Al Huqooq Magazine Egypt- 1888

Egyptian Evangelical Bulletin- 1893

Speaking to the Akkad

Arab Press – 1950

We and the world in the year 1960


Abdel Halim Hafez – 1965

Umm Kulthum in Kuwait-1968

Wedding week – Taha Hussein

Egyptian Arts- Theater

Winners in the Theater competitions

Egyptian theaters

Stories of Antar bin Shaddad