Dawood Treasury website contains a large number of articles in the fields of religion, politics, culture, history, art, media and advertising. Dawood Treasury is the largest Arabic website for historic magazine and newspaper articles, containing thousands of rare articles authored by Senior Arabic writers since the beginning of the 21st century.
Dawood Treasury site brings together Arabic Authors that have writing in the Middle Eastern press in the past, and their analysis, insights and opinions, to be able to imagine life in various fields in their time. Dawood Treasury gathers the largest amount of information on political, economic, social and cultural that has been published in Arabic newspapers and magazines since of the twentieth century. Dawood Treasury combines rare articles published in historic magazines in the fields of Political information, economic and social development in the Middle East region. Dawood Treasury presents a selection of historical advertisements with their objective analysis.
The site offers an advantage to its members in the field of information research and opens the door for inquiries to researchers that seek historical and rare articles.

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